1. "From 1994" Short Film

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  2. Chicago: The Great American City

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  6. Lights Out - Who’s There Film Challenge (2013)

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    NYonAir || Pt 2

    Photography by Jose Tutiven

    Instagram: @josetutiven

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    Photographer Jose Tutiven captures beautiful images of New York. Check out his tumblr here.

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  9. Gee Watts is next up. One of the best lyricist in the game already. Go out and support on itunes!

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    Today In History

    ‘Booker T. Washington, educator, was born in Hale’s Ford, VA, on this date in 1856. Though born a slave, Washington founded Tuskegee Institute at age 25.’

    (photo: Booker T. Washington)

    - CARTER Magazine

    Happy Birthday to one of the most important Americans to ever live. :-)